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The architecture

Luminous and modern

Edwin’s post-industrial architecture calls the unique historical heritage of Montreal’s Sud-Ouest borough to mind. Located near the Lachine Canal, Edwin is in the heart of an exceptional urban environment where vast green spaces popular attractions create a sought-after living environment.


Everyone can enjoy the panoramic view of the downtown core, canal and park with the sun-soaked rooftop terrace.


Edwin has only 87 units, making it an intimate, high-end project with concrete structure, an elevator and superior sound insulation.

Happiness is an everyday thing

The days go by pleasantly at Edwin. Between tranquility and effervescence, pleasure lives in the moment. This feeling cannot be explained; it must be experienced. In the space of one week, Edwin will open its doors, allowing you to discover the lives of its residents who find their happiness here daily.

Edwin has enviable

common spaces

urban chalet

An urban cottage is the ideal place for owners and occupants to socialize. The cottage will be adjacent to the rooftop terrace (pending Ville de Montréal approval).


Nestled between the two buildings, the inner courtyard’s greenery treats you to a break. Have a seat and enjoy the tranquility.


The rooftop terrace offers you a superb view. From sunrise to sunset, the downtown core steals the show with Montreal sky’s changing colours in the background.
Edwin proudly bears the name of a great man who shaped Montreal’s history. With each of his accomplishments, Edwin Atwater contributed to the metropolis’ boom, bequeathing his family name to the rich, historical Atwater neighbourhood.

Write your own story

Behind one of Edwin’s 87 doors, you’ll find a living space that is in perfect symbiosis with your personality.

Whether you opt for a condo, loft or townhouse, treat yourself to the luxury and comfort of a new property built in accordance with the highest standards.
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